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This year Teekay Offshore, in spite of the tough times in the oil industry worldwide, has decided to donate this year’s Christmas gift (onshore & offshore) and charity to the Save the Children Fund, in particular the “Children are Freezing” Christmas campaign, in the amount of NOK 500 000. Peary Spirit has today (21Jan) donated NOK 60 552,70 and together with the other private donations (the link) we are up to NOK 109.114,70 and we certainly reached our goal!! Thank you all for your contributions! It's amazing and truly Teekay Spirit! If you would like to contribute further to this campaign, you can do so by using the link. Here are a few examples of how Teekay Offshore donations will be used by the Save the Children Fund: NOK 184, can provide a child with a winter jacket, a warm sweater, a pair of winter boots, 3 pairs of thick socks, long woolen underwear and a hat and scarf. NOK 35, a child can receive a wool blanket. NOK 377, can provide a diesel-run oven which can heat up a room. NOK 591, can provide a kerosene-run cooker NOK 2 482, can buy an oven and enough gas to heat up an entire classroom for five months. NOK 8 562, can rehabilitate a classroom so that children can continue their education. Your donation will definitely count!

Amount Raised:
Target: 55,555 kr
12/11/2015 2/1/2016



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