What would You do if it was your children?
Nolwenn Lorans Vinterbro Varm barn som fryser

What would You do if it was your children?

Cold has really come now to Norway and we hurry from home to barnehagen, go a quick tour out in the week-ends and come back to a warm house and hot chocolate or solbærtoddy. We cover our kids with wool underwear, thick overalls, insist on the cap and gloves that they never want to have on... In the mean time there are children living outside because they fled their home, sleeping outside because they have no home. They are in Nepal, in Irak, in Hungaria. Have you seen the picture serie "Where the children sleep"? Kids sleeping in the streets, in the forest, with barely a blanket, no warm clothes on. It is heart wrenching. In Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, freezing temperatures and bitter snow storms are set to bring yet more misery to thousands of refugees, on top of all that they have already been through. While we were preparing Christmas, wondering as every year "what will I offer him/her, he already has everything" and "what do I wish for Christmas??", we decided it did not make much sense to spend money on unneeded presents and that we would rather donate the money to Redd Barna to buy blankets, warm clothes, or ovens for children that are freezing in the world. We'll still get presents for our kids who do have many wishes :) If you feel the same and would like to contribute you can donate to Redd Barna on this link. 87.8% of the money is directly used for the children.

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What would You do if it was your children?
Nolwenn Lorans
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